Wednesday, January 12, 2011

sanjay has left a new comment on your post "#1 , FULL TEXTS OF NITI SATAKAM AND VAIRAGYA SATAK...":

sir ,first of all accept my heartiest
warm wishes on this contribution.i believe i can change myself if i apply 5% of Bhartrihari slokas.

Thank you for your appreciation of Bhartuhari, a poet who was sent into oblivion by pandas.
One word of caution, when you take up implementation
We live in a capitalist commercialised world full of pulls and temptations. We have to adopt a sort of via media approach i.e. middle path. Buddha too supported the middle path. Jainism called for a samyak drukpatham.

Samyak drukpatham or middle path or whatever we may call our practical approach, we cannot go to extremities. This type of extremism we find in Christianity and Islam. We cannot be cats on the wall, at the same time interpreting ethics to suit our convenience and pleasure.

Our conscience can be our best guide. It is like a mirror. We cannot cheat the mirror of our conscience. Our conscience, unless it is hardened by the exigencies of capitalism, alerts us, whenever we deviate from the reasonably middle practical right path. We can compare ethical living to driving a tractor in a paddy field , just before transplantation.

This caution has become necessary, because we do not live in caves. We may have to stay in New York or Los Angeles one day, and at Gottumukkala or Rampur on some other day. We should also keep in mind that we live amidst human vultures.

The adverbs of time and place dictate our behaviors.

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